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Have you taught swimming at any other swim school before?*

If YES, where and for how long?

What ability levels did you teach?

Have you had any experience with working with children?*

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Have you ever taken part in the DLSA Program as a student or a parent of a student?*

Did you ever compete in the sport of swimming?*

If YES, up to what level?

Out of the following Aquatic Industry employment areas, which are the ones that interest you the most (you may have more than one)

In the position of swimming instructor/coach you will be required from time to time to lift/manoeuvre swimmers and or pool equipment etc. Do you have any injury or illness that would prohibit you from performing such duties?*

Please feel free to provide any further information you feel might assist your application, i.e. Why would you like to become a learn-to-swim teacher and what qualities do you feel you would bring to the DLSA program? (Or attach a Cover Letter/Resume)

AVAILABILITY | 3.30pm - 6.30pm & Saturday shift availability is very important to us. You don’t need to be available for all the shifts, but the more the better!*

If these shift times do not really suit your needs then you may need to rethink your application.

LONGEVITY | We are looking to foster long term Teachers/Coaches. Should you get the position and enjoy the job, do you have the ability to continue working in this role for at least the next 2 years?*

If you don't feel you would be able to stay in this role for at least 2 years, you may need to rethink your application.

TOTAL HOURS/WEEK | On average, DLSA Teachers/Coaches can usually be rostered for between 10 and 20 hours per week, more if you like. Is this the amount of hours per week you are looking for?*

If these total hours per week won't suit, you may need to rethink your application.

COMMITMENT TO TRAINING | DLSA Trainees will need to go through the DLSA Training Program, it will take at least 30 hours to complete. You will be supported by your DLSA Mentor throughout the process.*

If you feel you won’t be able to put the time into completing this training, you may need to rethink your application.

As part of the training process you will need to attain a recognised Aquatic Industry Certification, we recommend Swim Australia. There will be out of pocket expenses for you to attain this certification (approx $270).*

If you feel you wouldn't be able to attain this qualification, you may need to rethink your application. NOTE: DLSA is able to provide financial assistance to help with the cost of attaining your national qualification.

SHIFT REPLACEMENTS | We work hard to maintain a roster, but in recent times we have needed to arrange emergency shift replacements due to Team Members experiencing cold/flu like symptoms at short notice. Is this something you could help with?*

If you feel you won’t be able to help with replacing shifts at short notice, you may need to rethink your application.

EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES | Totally understand that you might not be a YES to every item above, but still feel you can apply. Tell us why.


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