South Kensington Outdoor Spaces- Event Proposal & Booking Form

This form is an activity proposal and booking request for events in certain outdoor campus spaces on South Kensington Campus.

Your booking request and risk assessment will be reviewed by colleagues in both the Union and the College so may take longer to process.

Once submitted, the Union will enquire about space availablity and if your event idea can be supported. We will let you know if we have and questions or requested changes.

Please submit this form at least 2 months in advance of your event and expect to be invited to a meeting to discuss your event plan.

Please note, we are only able to support a small number of these events per term so your proposal may be rejected on this basis.

CSP Details

Which type of CSP are you from?*

What is the name of your CSP?*

Responsible person name and committee role?*

CSP email address*

General Event Details

What is the name of your event?*

What type of event are you running?*

Having this description helps us understand the scale of the event and the type of support your group will need.

Is your event an In-Person Event or Digital Event?*

What is the key objective/s of your event?*

What are you trying to achieve by delivering this event and how does it link to the aims outlined in your CSP constitution.

Please give a description of the event*

Including itinerary/running order that outlines an hourly break down from setting up, content of workshops/talks, travel, pack down, etc.

Spaces & Bookings

Where are you planning on the event taking place?*

Letting us know what space you want at this point does not confirm your booking. The Activities Team will enquire about availability on your behalf and finalise any CSP booking alongside the College subject to the review of a sufficient risk assessment.

Proposed Event date(s)*

Start date *

Start time *

End date *

End time *

Please add 3 more alternative dates in order of preference*

Is your event recurring?*

How often does this event take place and/or the activity carried out?*

Please specify dates*

Attendees & Crowd Controls

Approximate number of attendees*

Is your event or activity open to the public?*

What is the ratio of Members to Non-members at this event or activity?*

Evens in South Kensington campus outdoor spaces should be 2 Imperial students to 1 external guest. If there is any reason this is not possible for your event, please provide a justification.

Have you arranged stewards for your event?*

It is required for your CSP to provide stewards at an event over 100 attendees.

Will there be assigned seating arranged for this event?*

It is ok to assign seating at your event, however, please be aware that it is illegal to segregate by gender.

Is the event likely to attract participants sufficiently opposed to each other's views that may cause a conflict, protest, or disruption?*

Specialised Events

Have you invited anyone to speak or present at this event?*

How many speakers have you invited?*

What is the name of your speaker(s)?*

Please provide contact details (email address and phone number) for each speaker*

Please provide the title of the talk(s) and an outline of the topic(s) that are going to be discussed*

Please give details*

Please provide us with 3 weblinks which provide us with details about your speaker(s)*

Has this speaker ever attended Imperial before?*

Please let us know when they last attended*

Has the speaker(s) been involved in protest, public order, illegal activities; been of significant media interest or has had the right to speak refused?*

Please give details*

Is there a potential for controversial or illegal aspects of the talk or for the incitement of controversial or illegal actions by the speaker? *

Please give details*

Is there any concern about potential disturbance, or that it is likely that the event will attract unauthorised attendance by the public or any section thereof, or that it may be picketed?*

Please give details*

Is the speaker(s) or the event likely to attract media interest?*

Is this event part of a speaker tour across a number of institutions or organisations? *

Does the Speaker(s) have or need security arrangements?*

Please outline what the security needs or arrangements are*

Who will be Chairing the event?*

Are you collaborating with, working with, or being sponsored by any external organisation(s) to deliver your event?*

Please provide us with a list of the external organisation(s)?*

Will you be fundraising?*

Are you planning on screening any films, documentaries, or programmes? *

Please note, there are many laws and requirements regarding screenings. You can screen for educational purposes or instruction without a license. If screening for recreational purposes, you need to acquire a license if you are charging for tickets.

Are you working with children, Schools, under 18s or vulnerable adults? *

Please provide us with a detailed outline of how you will be working with the above?*

Does your event require any AV set up or use of power?*

AV Details*

Please provide details about any AV set up*

Will you be setting up any equipment, stalls or decorations?*

Please advise*

Will your event need security? *

Is your activity or event including a Live Performance?*

Included but not limited to Theatre, Musicals, Showcases, Talent shows, Dancing, Music concert, Live Music Acts etc.

Does your performance require you have licenses in place to legally cover them?*

Please note, some licensing agreements are contractual therefore should be submitted with this form for the Union to sign. No rehearsals or use of the material should be used before these agreements have been settled. If you are unsure on this, please contact the Union activities team who will be able to provide support

Have you acquired the relevant license that you need?*

If you have, please upload a copy of the license or license approval to this proposal form. If you need PRS PPL checks, please contact the Union for support.

Will you be required to provide any content warnings to your audience who attend? *

Such as Age, Language, Violence, Sexual Content, Flashlights, Severe Mental Health Warnings and Suicide. For further support on this please check the relevant event support pages.

Will you be inviting, or will the event attract a press and media presence?*

Please provide us with details of who you plan to invite or who you think it will attract the interest of.*

Will you be arranging a professional photographer to capture images of your event?*

If so, you need to give attendees the opportunity to opt out of having their photograph taken. Please also upload a copy of their PLI to this form.


Are you charging people to attend your event?*

All events taking place in South Ken outdoor spaces will need to be ticketed or use a sign-up system. Please select ‘yes’ to confirm you understand and will put a system in place when advertising your event. *

Please let us know which platform you wish to sell your tickets on or use for participant registration:*

To ensure GDPR compliance our groups cannot use any external platforms unless approved by the Union. We will approve this request as part of the event proposal form.

Please specify which platform you plan to use*

How are you managing attendee entry at the event?*

Will there be on-the-door sales/sign-ups?*


Will there be food or refreshments at your event? *

Who will be providing the food, refreshments, or catering?*

Who will you be working with and what services will they be providing?*

Have you obtained copies of the relevant health and safety documentation from your external food provider?*

If yes, please upload and attach them. If not, please obtain them and email them in.

Please confirm you have read and will adhere to the food provision guidance for Union and College spaces*

You can find this on our Events Information Page: & on eActivities:

Is there going to be alcohol at your event or activity?*

Event Accessibility

Please outline what steps you are going to take to ensure your event is accessible*

Event Finances

Are there any costs associated with your event?*

What is total expenditure cost of your event?*

What is the event budget number*

Have you applied for any funding from the Union to support this event or activity?*

Risk Management

As this event is a one-off event or outside your regular activity, please download, and complete the corresponding event type risk assessment template. And upload it to your form. Have you uploaded your risk assessment below?*

Can you confirm you have attached the relevant annotated ground map of the event area*

Are there any other important pieces of information related to your event you feel the Union needs to be aware of? (Including legal, reputational, financial, or physical types of risk)

File attachments

Max 100 MB

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