Stall Proposal & Booking Form

By completing this form ICU will have the necessary information to support you in setting up a stall on campus. It is a legal requirement for the Students’ Union to have a list of all activities that it’s CSPs are undertaking as well relevant risk management documentation.

Once you have submitted this form, we will outline whether your stall proposal has been approved, marked as in progress or rejected with reasoning.

This form is an activity proposal and a booking request. Your booking for a stall space will only be made subject to the approval of its content and risk assessment detailed in this form.

Please ensure you submit this form at least 3 weeks before your planned stall date or it will be automatically rejected.

General Details

Which type of CSP are you from?*

What is the name of your CSP?*

Responsible person name and committee role?*

CSP email address*

What is the name of your stall?*

This will be used to identify your booking

Planned Stall Date*

Start date *

Start time *

End date *

End time *

Are there any other dates you will be running stalls?*

If you are planning to run stalls across a number of days, please reflect all activities and timings in your RA and description across all days

What are the other dates/times?

What is the key objective/s of your stall?*

What are you trying to achieve by setting up a stall and how does it link to the aims outlined in your CSP constitution.

Please give a description of your stall*

Including how many stalls and an hourly break down. Please mention if you are giving any items out, having signage, having interactive activities, selling items, advertising, fundraising etc.

Space Booking

Where are you planning on the stall taking place?*

You can view a list of spaces and space booking processes by heading to the Union pages. Letting us know which space you want at this point does not confirm your booking, your booking request will be approved subject to the approval of your activity and the availability of the date requested.

Stall Content

Will there be food or refreshments at your event? *

What will be provided?*

Who will be providing the food, refreshments, or catering?*

Have you obtained copies of the relevant health and safety documentation from your external food provider?*

If yes, please upload and attach them. If not, please obtain them and email them in.

Will you be charging for the refreshments provided?*

Please confirm you have read and will adhere to the food provision guidance for Union and College spaces. Full details are here and here*

Will there be any other items given out at your stall?*

What will be distributed?*

Will you be charging for these items?*

Will you be playing music at your stall?*

Have you acquired the relevant license that you need?*

Please upload a copy of the license or license approval to this proposal form. If you need PRS PPL checks, please contact the Union for support.

Are you collaborating with, working with, or being sponsored by any external organisation(s) to deliver your event?*

Please provide us with a list of the external organisation(s)?*

Will you be fundraising?*

How will you be fundraising?*

Please provide details of any bucket collection, cash handling, use of PDQ machines, Union shop products...

Will you be required to provide any content warnings to cover the content on your stall? *

Such as Age, Language, Violence, Sexual Content, Flashlights, Severe Mental Health Warnings and Suicide. Think about the use of distressing images in charity campaigns or potentially triggering discussions.

Will you be arranging a professional photographer to capture images of your event?*

If so, you need to give attendees the opportunity to opt out of having their photograph taken.

Event accessibility

Please outline what steps you are going to take to ensure your event is accessible*

Event Finances

Are there any costs associated with your event?*

What is total expenditure cost of your event?*

What is the event budget number*

Risk Management

Is this event or activity covered by your annual risk assessment?*

If you answered yes to this, please upload a copy of your annual risk assessment to be checked against this event proposal form.

As this event is a one-off event or outside your regular activity, please download, and complete the corresponding event type risk assessment template. And upload it to your form. Have you uploaded your risk assessment below?*

Are there any other important pieces of information related to your event you feel the Union needs to be aware of? (Including legal, reputational, financial, or physical types of risk)

File attachments

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In some cases the web form is partly pre-filled with specific information to facilitate for you. In those cases you should also have been sent a URL-link to fill out the remaining parts.

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